Audio visual, lighting & Electrical
- Technical Solutions

Design -
Powerfully Effective, Beautifully Simple!

R&W Venue Technologies Solution Design

Solutions Design

Great system-architecture wins awards, transforms the way we interact with technology and inspires people! Technology designed to engage, attract and inspire!

Design Outcomes

- Simple to use
- Great functionality
- Affordable
- Meet safety, security and environmental standards (incl. DDA-compliance):
- Improve internal and external communication
- Improve efficiency
- Standardise systems
- Increase control
- Engage constituents
- Increase revenue
- Streamline operations

R&W installation of speakers displays and AV
R&W Coding for any installation projectR&W Services

Supply -
Supporting You In A World Driven By
Technology and Innovation

R&W Venue Technologies Product Supply

Product Supply

- High quality products at affordable prices
- 12 month warranty on all R&W products as standard
- Product specifications available here on request
- Ask our product and system experts for advice on products best suited to your application

R&W Trusted AgreementR&W Fast Work and Delivery R&W Trusted Service

Install -
Intelligent Design, Quality Execution

R&W Venue Technologies Installation


- AV and lighting installation and commissioning
- Skilled and experienced install team (incl. AV engineers, electricians, project managers, acousticians, sound engineers, lighting engineers, programmers, cable and termination specialists)
- Environmentally - responsible business
- Award-winning programming: Gold Crestron Master Programmers
- Support for education and special projects
- Solutions tailored to need, budget and time
- 24/7 installation service options (we can schedule work day or night at your convenience)
- No hidden costs – only pay for time and materials
- Pride of workmanship

R&W Venue Technologies System Integration

System Integration

- Multi-system, multi-location; multi-operation
- Integration with new and existing systems
- Overarching functionality; increased efficiency; reduced operational costs; improved performance and response time

R&W Venue Technologies Control & Promgramming

Control & Programming

We design smart, effective and simple touch panel interfaces. Use, interact with, and manage your space (e.g. room environment) and technical facilities with:
- Intuitive and customised control interfaces (incl.touch-panels)
- Easy navigation and control
- Inter-operable: successfully integrate with existing and future  technical components and devices
- Exciting, innovative and cutting-edge control programming solutions
- Suitable for all users with varying technical ability
- Intelligent programming
- Award-winning programming: Gold Crestron Master Programmers

your Venue, your Technology, your Control

R&W Venue Technologies Rack Design & Build

Rack Design & Build

"The build quality and layout is first class"

Head of Technical & Production,
The Royal Northern College of Music

We design and build racks to specification and industry standards; both onsite and in our build space.
- Onsite rack build, installation and commissioning
- Ready-to-install racks: Utilise our build space; reducing time, travel and environmental impact. Racks come fully assembled, commissioned and tested before being shipped ready for installation
- Bespoke lighting and audio facility panels, stage boxes, rack panels and custom metalwork

R&W Venue Technologies Electrical Services

Electrical Services

- Electrical design, installation and testing& inspection services
- Domestic and Commercial
- Installations carried out in accordance with BS7671, current IEE Regulations and to the highest standards of safety, functionality and quality assurance.
- Highly qualified in-house engineers  

   AV Systems
- AV Control Systems
   Lighting Systems
- Lighting Control Systems   
- Emergency Lighting
- Energy Saving
- Commercial Lighting
- LED Lighting
   Small Power Distribution      
- Single phase and three-phase power supply
   Electrical Maintenance -      
- Call-out and emergency call-out services
   Cable Management Systems
   Electrical Testing & Inspection
- Periodic Inspections and Certification

R&W NICEIC Approved Contractor

As part of our commitment to customer assurance, R&W is an NICEIC-Approved Contractor. R&W; consistently ensuring the highest quality of products and services.

R&W Venue Technologies Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

- Full UK coverage of voice, data, fibre and power installations
- All categories of copper and fibre cabling supported
- Copper and fibre cable termination, testing and certification
- Brand guarantee of 15 to 25 years
- Fast, secure and reliable network infrastructure
- High speed cabling
- Future-proofed infrastructure
- Cable Testing
- Pre-Terminated Solutions
- Rack and Cabinet Supply 

Our cabling solutions support
- Data Cabling - Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7
- Fibre Optic Cabling – Singlemode and Multimode
- Control
- Power  
- Wireless Networks

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