Piano Room Upgrade


This was an exciting and innovative ‘performance zoom-room’ project designed to enable musicians and performing arts staff and students in this Manchester College to utilise a grand piano during Zoom calls, for both teaching and performance purposes. We designed and fabricated a custom mounting solution for the system which featured displays, cameras, speakers, microphones and touch screen with a simple customised GUI (graphic user interface) for control functionality.The technical hardware supplied was built around award winning audio DSP (digital signal processing)to guarantee high quality, multi-channel, low-latency audio for both the local user and external attendees with Dante capability to futureproof the design. System users were able to perform and collaborate seamlessly and engage in Zoom calls with multiple attendees whose video could be displayed on the screen, providing a connected experience and collaborative environment. The simple interface of the touchscreen made joining meetings easy. A designated computer running Zoom software also removed the need for users to learn complex systems or bring their own device, further adding to the elegant simplicity of the system.

Manchester College Piano Room Upgrade

This project highlighted how recent changes to the working /classroom environment require innovative solutions that bridge the gap between market leading and widely available software such as Zoom, and specific user requirements (like the inclusion of a grand piano set-up for example). We were excited to be involved in this project, because the design process required thinking outside the box to overcome the challenges associated with successfully integrating a grand piano in a zoom meeting set-up for users (in this case, musicians) operating at the highest levels who needed their technical set-up to match and enhance that quality of performance.

Manchester College Piano Room UpgradeManchester College Piano Room Upgrade

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