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R&W was contracted by the HE client to transform 14 existing on-campus spaces into 7 pairs of safe,functional and acoustically-treated teaching rooms, featuring suitable audio-visual provision. The rooms - called the ‘G-Rooms’ - were originally used for face-to-face music lessons and other teaching and collaborative activities and the client planned to repurpose the space in line with newly-introduced social-distancing control measures to re-enable and enhance face-to-face teaching in a safe and high-quality audio environment. R&W was tasked with the design, install, commission, test and training. Audio quality was a fundamental requirement of the project. Specifically, we were tasked with ensuring that the full timbre and dynamic range of the specified instruments and voice remained as close to a natural acoustic as possible.

G Room AV Solution
G Room AV Solution

The rooms were acoustically tested and treated and custom windows featuring triple-glazed, acoustic and anti-glare glass were fitted. For optimum audio enhancement, we specified performance-grade speakers with an Ultra-Compact, CDD™ passive two-way system and Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology which provided students and teaching staff with reliable, consistent audio coverage. State-of-the-art diaphragm condenser microphones were specified, because of their flat-frequency response which produced the most accurate sound representation and its clean capsule with high SPL(sound pressure level) enabled flexibility for all instrument types ranging from Flute to Tuba.

Touchscreens featured user-friendly GUI’s for audiocontrol and input panels and Bluetooth connectivity allowed for additional external microphones / audiosources as required by users. The solution features efficient amplifiers with DriveCore technology, digital signal processors (DSP) for dynamic control, PoE network infrastructure and other system hardware. The simple and elegant LED lighting design provided an inviting, comfortable environment to learn and teach suitable for supporting the creativity of the students. PIR sensors were also fitted to reduce/remove the need to physically touch light-switches etc. 2020 has been a year of HE’s exploring their options for a safe and effective teaching environment. This project enabled R&W to create an innovative, functional and stylish response to the need for a socially distanced teaching solution featuring high-quality audio.

G Room AV SolutionG Room AV SolutionG Room AV Solution

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